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Mission Statement

AT College Consulting is dedicated to educating and encouraging students to discover colleges that best meet their academic, social and financial needs. With our customized approach and expertise, we provide resources, support and professional guidance to help students and families ethically navigate their options and make well-informed decisions in today’s college landscape. We prioritize forming trusting relationships and reducing stress for both students and parents. As a business, we are committed to increasing access to higher education and promoting equity for students of all backgrounds.

Testimonial Quotes

"Brainstorming and following through with my ideas was a difficult process when I tried to start the college process on my own. Amber Thompson had so much patience and she understood me.  Her help was everything I needed! She helped me find my voice and was always so encouraging and positive.

I looked forward to my Zoom calls with her because I knew each time we met I would have a clearer picture of what to focus on. Rewriting my drafts really made a difference and helped me get to where I wanted to be. The best thing was that Amber would help me feel good about my writing because she never tried to change any part of my story, and she always made that clear. "

- Student, '25 Stanford QuestBridge Scholar

 "Amber Thompson was super supportive of my goals and answered any and every question I had about the college admissions process. I really appreciated how she was able to help me polish my essays without losing my own voice and story." 

- Student, '24 USC Marshall School of Business

Our relationship was life-changing. Amber Thompson helped me gain confidence with my academics and extra-curriculars. She also helped me in ways no one else could. She knows how to advocate for the child as well as understand the parent's point of view. She allowed me and my mother to be comfortable enough to be vulnerable. My favorite part of working together was how it never felt like busy work. We've formed a friendship. "

- Student, '25 Cal Poly Pomona

Before we started working together, I was confused and worried about where I wanted to apply and had no idea what to write my essays about. Amber Thompson helped me formulate my thoughts incredibly well. We talked out whatever thoughts I had and then Amber asked me more questions so those thoughts became more specific ideas. That made my writing way more concise and poignant. 

Amber also gave me guidance on what qualities I should look for in choosing schools. I learned about myself and what defines my character and beliefs."

- Student, '25 Pepperdine University

“Amber Thompson is informative, knowledgeable, patient, and caring for the student/family.”

- Parent, '24 Claremont McKenna student

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Thank you students for your hard work and dedication! You discovered the 'whys' of your college search and actively envisioned who you see yourself becoming! The future belongs to you!